Our aim in breeding Toy Poodles is to produce healthy, well adjusted puppies, so other people can share the enjoyment we have been so lucky to receive from our dogs. When sourcing our stud dogs we have endeavoured to find dogs that have good confirmation and are healthy, friendly and had sound pedigrees.

I was introduced to showing and breeding Toy Poodles by my sister Fay Burridge of "Pako Toy Poodles" in 1987 who at that time had been a breeder exhibitor for about 25 years, and is now retired from showing.

I started with white toy poodles from my sister then looking for new blood lines imported a silver boy from New Zealand (Silvista Poodles), then in 1993-4 I imported three dogs from Norway bred by Solveig Naess Damm  of Solnes Kennels   I then bought a little red girl from America, from Brender Elmer - Pampers Toy Poodles these dogs were the basis of my red and  apricot lines, at the time I imported these dogs, there had only been one red dog brought into Australia in the mid 1980's, now the colour has become very popular and we  are seeing new blood lines brought in, in this fabulous colour.

Although still keeping an interest in red poodles I love and have all the colours poodles come in.

We can and do give full care and attention to the dogs we own. We devote much of our time to them and as a result they are well adjusted, socialized, and happy.
We live in Grafton NSW about an hours drive north of Coffs Harbour on 2 acres with a large area for our poodles to exercise and play, we do not have kennels.
Showing my dogs has given me immense satisfaction, pride in their many show wins and a lot of fun over the years, with many friends both two legged and four made along the way.


Sue Mears
Ph. 02 6644 9461 or 0428 277 201

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Sue Mears
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Phone : 02 6644 9461
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