Planned Litters 2021


We are planning Black / Brown and White /Silver litters in 2021, we are not taking a waiting list this time, but will post information on Dogzonline and this web page when we have puppies available.

Both my husband and I are protective of our puppies and in saying this, if you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies, we will require a little information about yourself and where and how the puppy would be cared for and housed, as you can appreciate our main aim is to only want the very best for our puppies when they go to their new homes and responsible pet ownership ensures a healthy happy home for all.

During puppy’s time with us we complete the following procedures: 
• at 3 days of age they have their dewclaws removed, 
• they are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age, 
• at 4 to 6 weeks they are micro-chipped, 
• 6 weeks they are vaccinated & Health Checked by our vet and issued with a Health Record Book for future treatments.

  I try to start puppy’s bath and dry weekly from 4 weeks of age as well as having their face, feet & base of tail clipped and scissored into a baby puppy trim, preparing them for their new groomer.   
Puppies will be started on the way to being toilet trained, I start them on puppy pads.  Toilet training does depend on each individual puppy some do take longer and of course you will be required to continue the training when they arrive introducing them to their new procedures with their new surroundings. 
It is good for me to know your puppies name so while I am training puppy, he/she gets accustom to their new name, prior to departing for a new home.

Price quoted for puppy does not include transport or the procedures for travel, if required, I am quite happy to organise puppies travel arrangements on your behalf and charge only as I am, this includes cost of flights or road transport, purchase or hire of crate.

When puppy is old enough to go to his or her new home (8-10 weeks) you will receive a folder that contains their Certificate of Pedigree Limited Registration from Dogs NSW depending on arrival back before puppy is picked up, if it has not arrived by puppy’s departure I will post it as soon as it arrives, ownership form is your microchip form which will be filled out and in your folder this form should be registered with your local council by the time your puppy is six months of age (more information re microchip is in your folder), information folder will also consist of vet injection record, and more helpful literature required to help you raise your puppy, (training, feeding, grooming, health requirements etc.) This will be either given to you if you are collecting your puppy, or if flying mailed, unfortunately we can no longer put it in the crate when puppy travels. You are very welcome to ring with any questions or to visit, you will also be kept informed by email of your puppy's progress with pictures whenever possible. 

Sue Mears- Moncherrie Toy Poodles 



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